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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Making Yarn from Curtains Part 1

I've decided that I want to make my own yarn out of some old curtains that I have stored away that I am probably never going to hang up as they are not really my style and don't go with the decor that I am wanting to do the living-rooms in. I think that I should be able to make at least 4 decent sized rugs out of them. 1 for each living-room and 1 for the foot of the 2 double-sized beds that I have. I will post my progress on making these into yarn and of the projects that I use them for.

Here is the curtain in full form. It has a cream
lining that I am going to use as yarn too. Will take me quite a while as the curtains are 90" drop!

I cut off the hems and the borders. I also cut the lining away from the patterned curtain material as you can see from the pic.

Wish me look.

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